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Never Stand Alone, a 501(c)3 non-profit, promotes awareness and sheds light into the darkness that surrounds the issue of sexual assault and violence affecting our nation's students in elementary, middle, high school and college.



While we often talk about sexual assault on college campuses, universities aren't the only educational institutions where sexual assault is a problem. 

Students in high schools, and even middle and elementary schools are experiencing sexual assault at the hands of other students. 


17,000 official reports of sexual assault committed by students against classmates in K -12

About 1 in 5 students was assaulted  

About 5% of the violence involved  5 and 6 year-olds.

A significant increase in the number of assaults occurred between the ages of 10 and 14. 

The  AP    notes the investigation likely only uncovered a fraction of the assaults. 

- The Associated Press

Women who attend college are more likely to be sexually assaulted

Nearly 20% of female students have been sexually assaulted

41% of colleges conducted NO investigations

Undergraduate women are at greatest risk of being sexually assaulted during the freshman and sophomore years


White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault


These numbers likely don't capture the severity of the problem.


Elementary and secondary schools have no federal mandate to track or disclose sexual violence. There is tremendous pressure to hide it. 

Justice is not served when schools don’t act or when their efforts to root out abuse are ineffective. 

Laws and legal hurdles also favor silence. 

Schools often withhold basic information about sexual attacks from the community.


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A survivor feels as if the doors to their souls have slammed shut. The goal of Never Stand Alone is to banish the darkness and to let the healing begin. 

This is not just a women’s issue. One in five men and one in four women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

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We are working to build a strong community that will not close its eyes to this painful reality, a community that will acknowledge the dark side of the issue.


Sexual Assault is something that rarely is spoken about publicly, yet everyone knows someone who has been affected.

Never Stand Alone shows people that they never have to feel like they are alone in a time of need.

The goal of Never Stand Alone is to change the way society thinks about, talks about and responds to sexual violence and assault in schools..

Studies have long found bullying can be a precursor to sexual harassment and assault. 

Typically, victims’ grades drop, attendance falls and rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts increase. 

Schools sometimes miss the warning signs and think it’s just “kids being kids.”


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